Recent Exhibitions and Competitions

Here are some of my acceptances in various competitions over the last few years.

I have only really started submitting pictures for various competitions in the UK since September 2006.

I have started to enter some International Exhibitions since April 2009.

Commendation at the Frome Exhibition, UK


1 Commendation and 1 acceptance in the Nature Section.

RPS Digit Group Exhibition 2013


1 Acceptance in the Open section

Commendation at the SAM Circuit 2013, India


1 Commendation and 28 acceptances in Nature, 12 acceptances in Open and 13 acceptances in Travel.

Highly Commended at the Yardley Photographic Exhibition, UK


A Highly Commended and 2 other acceptances in the Open DPI section.

Gold Medal at the Photographic Society of America


I was invited to submit images that had won a Medal at any International Exhibition in the last 12 months. Fuxin Level crossing was then selected as the Best Travel images from all the pictures that had won medals.

Winner of the RPS Digit Imaging Print Competition Thames Valley Region.


One print was selected as Winner and the 2nd print was Commended.