Recent Exhibitions and Competitions

Here are some of my acceptances in various competitions over the last few years.

I have only really started submitting pictures for various competitions in the UK since September 2006.

I have started to enter some International Exhibitions since April 2009.

S4C International Exhibition, USA


1 acceptance in the Travel section.

Silver and Bronze Medal at the Hornbill Exhibition 2013, UK


3 acceptances in the Open section, 2 acceptances in the Nature section and 2 acceptances,a Bronze and Silver medal in the Industrial section.

Delaware International Travel Circuit, USA


10 acceptances in this circuit.

3 Highly Commended at the Grand Canyon International Travel Circuit, USA


3 Highly Commended and 7 other acceptances in the Travel section.

German International DVF Photocup 2012


2 acceptances in the Open section.

4 Highly Commended in the GASCO International Circuit, USA


27 acceptances and 4 Highly Commended in the Travel section, 2 acceptances in the Mono section, 3 acceptances in the Open section and 5 acceptances in the Nature section.