Welcome to The World of Steam Railway Photography and Wildlife Photography

My web site was created in May 2007 and now contains over 2600 pictures.

One new Wildlife Gallery featuring Kenya taken in September / October 2014.

One new Railway Galleries have been added featuring a charter on the Severn Valley Railway with London Transport Tank L.92 in March 2015

This web site update is dedicated to a very close friend, Trevor Ford, who was instrumental in introducing me to the world of birds and birding. We spent many hours together in many different parts of the wold over a period of 35 years. Mutual intrests were squash, beer and of course wildlife. He spent a lifetime traveling the world increasing his life list to over 6000 specis and never took pictures until the last few years where not only did he take the pictures but also used Photoshop to enhancing the pictures and create slide-shows.

Trevor RIP

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Ian Silvester ARPS DPAGB EPSA BPE 4*
1st September 2015